Bandette - an LA based band of four long time friends who write and perform indie rock songs about sex, booze, and rocky relationships – with pop hooks that make them instantly familiar. 

Like pieces from four corners of a jigsaw puzzle, the members of Bandette found that when they fit together they formed a new and vivid image that was colorful, brooding, ecstatic, and raw. 

Bandette's self-titled debut release is a 12-track modern Millennial’s dream that is delivered via USB attached to a bright yellow slap-bracelet straight out of 1985. Its contents take the listener on an aural rollercoaster ride where dance pop meets grungy distortion, warm feelings mix with brooding thoughts, and beauty encounters fury. The album drips with layers of echoing vocals singing in four-part harmony rounded out by a reverb-laden and bass-driven soundscape. 

Lead singer and head songwriter Christina Naza pulls no punches with earnest lyrics and sultry vocal stylings. Not merely the front woman, Naza invites audiences to confront strong emotions head-on, squash them with humor, or drown them in a glass of Bourbon. 

While Naza holds court, the instrumentalists of Bandette meld their backgrounds to form a confluence of musical styles that support her pure and soulful delivery. 

Jos Ehrichmann (Bass, Backing Vox) drives the low end, Bennett Kolasinski (Guitar, Backing Vox) brings a 90’s vibe, while Colin Simson (Drums, Backing Vox) lays down a hard rock foundation. 

Bandette's second EP, Cages, is now available on all the major streaming platforms.